Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I Choose My Computer Than Her

  • Computer does not care how you look.

  • Computer can’t be angry if you not respond immediately.

  • Computer always wait for you

  • Computer can’t have PMS.

  • Computer never forgets your birthday.

  • Computer can’t compare you to previous user.

  • Computer did not accept calls from previous users.

  • Computer doesn’t say: “Do you come home now?”

  • Computer doesn’t ask: “Do you have another computer?”

  • Computer never start a conversation about marriage.

  • Computers don’t care if you’re married.

  • Computer can’t look your phone book or digging through your pockets.

  • Computer is simply Start and Shut down.

  • You can share computer with friends.

  • Computer doesn’t make a scene when you arrive home late.

  • Computer not shave his legs with your razor.

  • Computer will not call you 100 times a day.

  • You don’t need to say him that you love her.

  • Computer doesn’t care for the difference in years.

  • Computer has a warranty.

    -sign writer-
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