Friday, March 7, 2014

How To Repair HDMI Not Detected on Windows 8.1

I had a problem with my laptop after upgrade to windows 8.1.
HDMI not detected to my samsung monitor.
I already installed new graphic driver (I use Nvidia GPU).
The problem wasn't solve.
Then I tried to change compability setting on Nvidia driver installation file..
This is how to setting the compability. I use Nvidia GPU GTX 560m for this blog.

1. Check your GPU/VGA type (from dxdiag or other else)
2. Download new GPU/VGA driver
3. Go to download file location.
4. Right click on that file- choose Properties-check the compatible mode box-choose windows 7
right click that driver installation file-Properties

-Go to tab compability
-Check the compatible mode box
-choose windows 7 (I think windows 7 is good)
-Then Click Apply-OK
5. Apply- OK
6. Install your new driver
7. I hope it works on your PC/Laptop

Thak You :)

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